We've set up this space to keep track of this, the biggest project we've put together. We started planning in early March for a Fall wedding, nearly 7 months to plan and pull off this shindig!
We're actually having two-one for family and the other for friends. While both are for people we love we recognize that some things that would be fun for one group, might be less fun for the other group so we split them up! And this means the planning, etc. is double in some aspects. We'll do our best to update here on the entire wedding, each of its aspects and the whole event together.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Events I, II, and III, a reflection

The last few weeks have been crazy. Good, but crazy. As Wedding Events I and II got closer, and we still had so much to do, it was hard to concentrate on work, and hard to find time for, you know, life stuff. Laundry? Grocery shopping? Events at the kids’ schools? Who’s got time? But of course, it all got done, with lots of help.

First, as we got closer my partner-in-crime at work, Keri, announced that I was not to do anything but the bare minimum, and helped me by picking up my slack. Also, talented friends came through with our outfits, my hair and make-up, and officiating. My parents helped by beautifying our yard. AJ's parents helped with wine selection. Rahel and Shira each had a project or two for the wedding, and my niece helped decorate the house. My brother Alon and sister in law karah hosted a dinner the night before Wedding Event I for everybody already in town. My cousin Inbar became my point-person for all things needed and the best man, Jaz, became this for my (now ) husband. Lots of help!

The first houseguests arrived a few days before, and that meant the festivities started. We introduce the parents, and they got on great. My new mother in law, Lucille, got into some artsy projects and that was great. She helped us finish the table decorations, and the favors, and put together some beautiful stuff we hadn’t thought of. The day of Wedding Event I she, my new father in law, Dennis, and my new sister in law Robin took over setting up the tables and made everything so pretty! I was free to get pampered and ready.

The tables:

guest sign in table and one of the tables for eating, drinking, and socializing

The wedding itself went great, with only one mishap that was not major in the end. Everybody had a great time, the food was good, and the cds rahel made for music were good (our processional was an instrumental version of Metallica’s “nothing else matters” and the recessional was the theme from Princess Bride. Even the weather cooperated! The best man gave a great speech, as did my mom, my new father in law, and my other sister in law Joanna. Our good friend and officiant Brenda OWNED the ceremony we’d written.


and before the ceremony:

At the end of the evening, my new husband and I left the party, leaving my cousin and best man to wrap things up, and the teen aged kids all piled up on the couch watching a movie together. My new husband booked us a room at the fancy-ish Claremont hotel. A room with a beautiful view of the SF Bay, and a Jacuzzi tub. Those jets were fantastic! The next morning we came back home, with brunchy foods and hung out with the family some more.

Wedding Event I was a week later. This one was for friends only and was at Teatro ZinZanni, a circus in SF. The morning of this event saw me once again getting made up and having my hair done. The house was empty of guests, but I had two friends over. One who did my hair/make up and one who was finishing up outfit Two, another gorgeous custom made corset (again, as for Wedding Event I, I made the skirt to go along with the corset).

Outfit for Wedding Event I:

Outfit for Wedding Event II:

We got out of the house late, my cousin driving us to the venue since I was, well, wearing a corset. I was, I admit stressed out as it was close to show time. Luckily the people at the venue did a superb job setting up, incorporating our stuff within their design and being all around fantastic. Our cake lady came and set up this beautiful creation:

Our photographer agreed to switch an engagement session for a one-hour session at Wedding Event II he did great at both events and I would gladly recommend both him and our cake lady!

The people at ZinZanni rented us the lobby for an hour before doors open to the public so we had some time to mingle and to have another ceremony. We actually reworked our ceremony and vows a bit for this one and it was great to have all our friends there around us as we gave our promises to each other. Once the circus was open to the public we had to break up our special things. The venue staff took our cake, to be served to us later, and my cousin and our best man took the guestbook, presents, etc. back to the car. As for me, I waited until after the ceremony to have my first drink, and then I too was ready to relax and party.

The show itself, at ZinZanni is phenomenal! It’s a 3 hour show, with a 5 course meal interspersed with the acts, and some wonderful performers. Our friends had a great time. The show is interactive, with the performers interacting with the crowd and calling up volunteers. Our party was enthusiastic, and we whooped and hollered and clapped and stomped, and had a great time. The performers made a point of telling us how great a time THEY had with us there. Our friends had a great time!
At the end of the show we had the lobby for another little bit and this is when we ate our cake and hung out for a bit more before calling it a night. Well, we called it a night. I don’t know if our friends continued the party elsewhere….

The next morning AJ, Rahel, and I went to the county offices to do the legal stuff. This was mellow, and relaxed, and took far less time than I anticipated. Rahel was our witness.


Afterward, we took her to school, went to brunch with our officiant and Best Man, came home, and took a glorious nap.

So that’s it, we stood up and declared our love and commitment before our family, then before our friends, then in front of a representative of the state.

We’re married!

Now there are Thank you cards to write, and the waiting for the professional pictures. There are many more non-pro pictures, uploaded and downloaded from various cameras.

And the rest of our married lives to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Done Did It!!

Wedding Events I, II, and, yes, III are done!

Wedding Event I was for the family. It was in our backyard and small, with 35 people.

Wedding Event II was for our friends, at a circus/dinner/show venue in San Francisco. This one had 65 people in attendance (more people were there, but not with our party).

Wedding Event III came into being when we found out what a hassle it would be to deputize our officiant. This event came at the county recorder office, just yesterday. In attendance were the bride, the groom, and our witness, my soon-to-be 15 year old daughter.

Each of the events went wonderfully! So many details came together; so many people helped make them happen. I keep reliving moments of each of the days, though I've not had time to put it all in narrative form. We had great food, and music (people loved our playlist!), the outfits came together well, with help from talented friends. Our officiant officiated (in all but the legal aspect,) and did a great job. Our pro photographer took ooodles of pictures (which I am DYING to see), and others took pictures too (of which I will post...soon). Our families got along great and had a good time. Our friends whooped and hollered (and stomped their various stompy boots) and had a great time at the show. Our cake lady outdid any expectation we had (ohmygod, wait till you see pictures!). The kids did great at the family event (my younger daughter helped me pick out artsy activities and did a great job). The legal stuff at the recorder office went quickly, smoothly, and with much less hassle than I was expecting.

The thing that made it real, was yesterday when, after a glorious nap, I woke up and realized I have no planning to do! Of course, there's still some wrap up, and the thank yous (one last wedding related DIY project).

This is my second marriage and on the way to the recorder office, as I was grinning madly, as AJ was putting some coins in the meter, Rahel quietly asks me why I'm so excited, given it's my second marriage. I pointed to him and said "cause I'm marrying THIS guy". She smiled and agreed whole-heartedly.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wedding Event II

Wedding Event I was last weekend; Wedding Event II is this weekend!
Last weekend went great: everything went off well. We had minor mishaps but it all worked out and people helped out a lot. The families got along REALLY well and the weather cooperated too. Everybody, from the 8 month old, to the 94 year old had a good time. I'll post a real post about it soon, I promise, but in the meantime I have to finish getting ready for Wedding Event II!
This event, happening this afternoon/evening, is for our friends. It is taking place at the fabulous Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco (http://love.zinzanni.org/) and they are taking care of everything (well, almost). This will be where I get to relax, have a drink, and enjoy a good time with my friends. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Wedding Event I, it's just that this time, somebody else is wholly in charge. All we have to do is show up, with our favors for our guests, and the disc for the wee ceremony we'll have, and that's it.
In 20 minutes my (so F-ing talented) friend, Julie is coming by with the SECOND corset she's made for me to wear. In a couple of hours, Heather, another (also awesomely talented) friend is coming to do my hair/make up.
My cousin will be my point person again, and the Best Man of greatness will be on hand. Our kick-ass officiant is ready to go.
Yay! So excited!

Monday, September 27, 2010

We did it!
Wedding Event I went off without a hitch! Everything went according to plan, and everybody got along wonderfully. We had people who met for the first time at the wedding and the energy was good. There were chatting and laughter. The food was good. Our officiant and best man did a superb job, as did my cousin who was my point person. My daughters were great as my bridesmaids. We got so much help from everybody! it made us feel very well loved.
Some pics taken by our best man:
Our tables:

I made the center pieces and my Lucille and Robin put it together the morning of.

The bride and groom:

There are tons more pictures floating around; We hafta go through them and figure things out. And then pro pics will be ready in about a month.
Now onto Wedding Event II
And I'll write a full-fledged post soon!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Wedding Event I is tomorrow!
Today was kind of nuts, and we now have a full house, but it's all going alright.
I tried to take a nap but was interrupted four times, by phone calls and doorbells, before giving up on it.
We had a dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's, introducing all the out of towners who are here, to all those who live here. Alon and Karah law did a phenomenal job! There was lots of good food and lots of good conversation, and the kids all got along very well, the soon-to-be cousins.
Now I am showered and ready for bed.
Hopefully I can get some sleep before the big day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 days to go!

This morning, an hour before my alarm was set to go off, my eyes popped open, and refused to close again.

We have 2 days until Wedding Event I, and now I am getting nervous.
Everything's actually going ok (knock on wood, etc.), but I'm still nervous.
We still have a bunch of little things, and not so little things to do. Thankfully, I do not have to go to work tomorrow.

I know they'll all get done, though, and we have people stepping up to help us.
That's helping, and you know what else? I've decided to take tonight off! That's right, I am going out. I am putting on my stompy boots and going out to an industrial music club in San Francisco.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting close

The caterer came by today, to drop off "a few things" and have taken over my livingroom! There are so many things in there, in boxes, crates, baskets, all over the floor!

Our wonderful friends and family's gifts to us are arriving and the pile of boxes is growing.

Also today, the Kilts and accessories came. We unpacked a big box with kilts, sporrans, jackets, etc. then had to find a place to put them all.

Earlier that day, uncle Ian put all the drinks in the fridge to chill. More room on the counter; less room in the fridge! We still need some space for cakes in there...Fridge tetris!

Also, since our house guests have started arriving, the house is busier, and fuller. We are having to juggle space, and also our time. Soon-to-be and I are both working this week and so I constantly have to tell folks I need to get back to the computer, or the office. I WANT to spend time with them, but can't really.

Tomorrow our officiant and best man are arriving and we'll do a run through of the theatrics.

Tonight (right after I grade these papers) I will finalize my vows. Soon-to-be and I decided we want to surprise each other, but we'd still like to make sure they are of roughly the same style/length. Rahel will read them both and let us know what she thinks. This was Shira's idea and it is a damn good one!

In other news-AJ's mother, my two daughters and I all went to get a manicure today. The pampering continues!
I got sparkly silver polish! Since my outfit is darker colors I figured this would be a good contrast. Shira got teal, Rahel got a french manicure, and Lucille got a pretty coppery color.

3 days to go!